About us

"...New town, you are si"...New town, you are sitting along the seashore,
counting the waves in high seas..."
P.P. Njegos

 At the entrance of the unique Mediterranean fiord named the Gulf of Boka Kotorska,  a sunny town of art and festivals...
 Since its establishment in 1382, when the king Tvrtko I founded it uner the name od St. Stefan, Herceg Novi has maintained the title of a prearl among coastal towns.

 Right there, between blue sea and coarse karst, within cultivated Mediterranean landscape, the most developed business is restaurant one...
 More than a decade, the guests were lured by the smells of fresh fish and wine of a well-know restaurant "Petko".

The family tradition, the mastery of the restarant business, was transfered by father and sons from their home-town to Belgrade.
The restaurant "Gusti mora" was set in 2003m with the mission to retrive the memories and satisfy all your senses.